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How deadly has the coronavirus been for those with CLL?

How deadly has the coronavirus been for those with CLL?

  1. I don't think, unfortunately, there has been any specific data on CLL risk. Like most cancer patients, though, we do fall in to the high risk category and thus have to be careful. I'm sure, given time, there will be more specific date available. In the meantime, stay safe and keep on keepin' on, DPM

    1. I am not sure but even tho I have been vaccinated, I still wear my mask and avoid large crowds

      1. no worries Maria. Wal-Mart Pharmacy, CVS pharmacy, Walgreens pharmacy all offer covid vaccinations.

      2. Yeah, I don't get the staring thing... as though this virus has left the building. I'd be looking at them too without the mask crazy as well...which I do anyway. I also give the eye back to those who have the audacity to be right up on me in a line. It's interesting how some people have short-term memory about this thing. Be safe

    2. I have CML, not CLL, but have made changes in my lifestyle to this day as a result of coronavirus. I have groceries delivered, drive through bank and prescriptions now and avoid crowds. I've managed to stay relatively healthy. Yes, I wear a mask but I mostly go to physical therapy and doc visits where it is required.

      1. I agree 100%. I always kid that is my big day out... grocery, meds, thru and deliveries. The old 'better to be safe.' Stay well 🌻

    3. My oncologist suggested i get the booster -- so I am scheduled for this Wednesday for round 3 of Pfizer. I had my first shot in January of 21 about 45 days after completing chemo - some thoughts that my immunity could have been compromised due to lingering chemo in my system - Who knows anymore

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