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Natural Disasters and Bleach Water with Leukemia?

What’s the general consensus of adding a little bleach to my water and drink from the tub if the hurricane hits?

Just curious as the lady (Kim) at the 211 helpline told me to do. Apparently, this is a safe method and even with Leukemia...Any bleach in fact. Clorox clean up or lavender splashless as this is all I have in my house. She told me it would be just fine!??? Is this true???

  1. Hi Shelbarino, Thanks for reaching out. I don't know much about this, but I did find a pamphlet on the CDC website about it. Here's the link: It is certainly best to talk with your doctor before doing anything like this. I am curious to know what they say about it! Have you been affected by the storm? Sending positive vibes your way, Anthony (Team Member)

    1. I'm rather curious about this as well. As Anthony mentioned please discuss with your doctor before attempting. Wishing you positive vibes as well during this tremendous storm. Best!

      1. Drinking bleach? Crazyland

        1. 😬 i’ve honestly never heard this, this is something new to me I had to click on the link myself I’m not sure if that’s safe even though it says safe after you do the step I can’t see myself drinking bleach water😬😕 bleach is strong ooo😬😬😬

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