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Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

Hello, I'm 18yo man and I'm living in Russian. Sorry for my English, it is really bad. I have acute promyelocytic leukemia since 31may of this year, and I just talk with one person with this diagnosis. I really interesting about another countries, about another stories and fears, so I wanna talk with someone with leukemia (type of leukemia doesn't matter). If you want it too, please let me know about it in this post, sorry one more time for this useless post

  1. 🫂🫂🫂You’ve come to the right place for support 💞everyone here can relate to you on many levels. I was diagnosed with ALL leukemia +PH🧡🎗The struggle is very much real and know your not alone. I’m definitely here if you want to talk🧡🫂💜🫂❤️🫂 you have a whole blood cancer tribe here fighting back with you 🥊 💥 🥊💪🏾Amanda🐼( team member 💞)

    1. Cancer is ancer no matter where you are or who you are. Sorry hear of your diagnosis and do hope you have access to good medical treatment. My brother-in-law was diagnosed years ago. All I can say is treatments have come a long way since then and many on here have experiences to share. You are doing much better with English than I could ever do with Russian - so no need for any apology. Thank you for joining

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