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Does your pain escalate during the winter months?


What do you think? Is it an old wives' tale or true that the cold and winter bring on aches and pains? Do you feel worse the colder it gets?

  1. It may be an old wives' tale, but it is so true for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, @SusanMae. Too much heat causes my joints to swell. Too much cold causes my joints to ache and barely bend. What about you? Shayla (, Team Member)

    1. I have bone pain anyway from leukemia but it seems to be even worse during the cold and all the snowstorms we've been having lately.

      1. My neuropathy seems to be worse when it is cold and damp!

        1. I heard that when younger for older family members, where their bones acted up when the weather change. I'm no doctor but maybe there something in that. (shrug)

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