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What are you looking forward to this holiday season?

After Facing a Crazy 2020, What are You Looking Forward to This Holiday Season?

For me, I pray my lab work comes back "Still in Remission", and time with my family. -Yolanda

  1. I'm hoping for peace and relaxation over the holidays. There has been far too much turmoil these last several months and having a calm, enjoyable few days would be welcome.

    1. I concur Susan. I'm in it for the eat, drink and be merry!

      1. I don't think I'll be able to have time with my family, as I usually do. People who are immunocompromised have to be especially careful. I'm hoping to keep in mind that this is necessary and not get all bent out of shape and succumb to FOMO, fear of missing out. I'm hoping to stay calm and not succumb to the pressure of having to do anything other than what I'm doing, which is basically trying to stay alive. I'm hoping to keep in mind that these are days like any other and know that even if I don't see my loved ones in person, we still share the same amount of love and can show it in other ways than by getting together in person.

        1. You have to do what you feel is right for you, and in the case of this virus what's good for those around you as well. There are other ways to stay connected as you mentioned 😀

      2. Our plans for Christmas are still up in the air as our family is in Virginia. So a visit means a 10 hour drive with stops along the way for gas etc. So will see what happens as we get closer and have a better idea of what restrions are in place for the several states we would need to cross.

        That said we did spend Thanksgiving on
        Block Island with a close family friend. Really felt good to get away and walk along the beach and hear the surf.

        Amazing the camingffect the ocean

        1. Well Dennis, if you choose to meet up with your friend please do so safely. Hope you can enjoy that calm of the ocean. Best!

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