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Songs That Got Me Through Cancer

Last updated: July 2021

I assume, at some point in your life, you’ve had an anthem. An anthem to a break up, an anthem to a summer love, an anthem to a new job, and if you’re like me, an anthem to cancer. It’s not quite the anthem I ever imagined I’d have for myself. I always envisioned myself jamming out to Taylor Swift due to a break up, not jamming out to Rachel Platten because a song with the word “fight” in the title was relatable to me. Anyways, one time after my first chemo (so casual to say!), a boy sent me a playlist. Not the kind of playlist or mix tape that was delivered in Bring It On, but the kind that would be delivered in The Fault in our Stars. I was smitten and mostly inspired… so I made a playlist of my own and now I’m sharing it with you in hopes that you too will find an anthem and be inspired to create your own playlist to get you through the darkest part of your life and see the light!

You can check out my full playlist here! I’m constantly adding songs to this as I find them because, as we know, the fight and adversity isn’t over when you finish treatment and life after cancer deserves some anthems too.

All my love,

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