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Family's Reaction To Your Cancer Diagnosis

Last updated: July 2021

Previously, I spoke about my personal reaction to my diagnosis as a cancer patient speaking to another patient or cancer survivor(s). It's very different speaking to another cancer survivor about your story, because to a certain degree, they understand where I am coming from versus someone who has not been given a cancer diagnosis.

I totally understand everyone's treatment and reactions are different. In speaking on our stories, we all have a common dominator in understanding that moment you hear the word 'cancer' spoken to you and the emotional roller coaster that soon comes after. I also wanted to speak about the reaction of our families getting the news as well.

A cancer diagnosis of a close family member hits them hard too... maybe even harder. So I decided to do an interview with my twin sister Victoria (we are fraternal twins). I thought it would be great to hear from the perception of a loved one.

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