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  • By bluchs

    That is a great question.
    I actually feel down most of the time, it sucks.
    I used to have a lot of plans for my retirement future!
    Now, my HOPE is that I live for a few more years?
    I hope that if I die, I will be reunited with My mother, and others who have passed before Me ( that thought actually comforts me a bit )
    Cancer took my mother in 1997, I was holding her hand when she passed. I miss her and I want to be with her again, but not to soon, I have family, still here on earth that need me.
    I HOPE! that when I pass, I am not in a hospital, like my mother was, but at home, and I HOPE, that my son is holding my hand when I pass!
    I HOPE! that I am able to make an impact on the lives of others, not just my family and friends.
    But others, who suffer from this terrible Blood Cancer, we all are fighting?
    I don’t know how to do that?
    But I feel that God has seen fit to keep me alive, for a purpose.
    I can only Pray that it is, to in some small way, help someone else
    Even if just to give HOPE to someone else
    I HOPE that Cancer is eradicated from this earth, so no one need to suffer any more
    When I am feeling down, I have HOPE for a miracle, not just for me, but for everyone.
    This venue, of being able to express myself, has given me new HOPE!
    I always feel better, after I sign off of this web site.
    So I guess? this also gives me HOPE

    • By Ann Harper Moderator

      It’s tough to see and feel all that cancer puts us through. I’m glad this site makes you feel better. We all need that.

  • By YolandaBrunson-Sarrabo Moderator

    Hi Cindy 🙂
    What gives me hope is when I’m able to survive and do; what was deemed not the case when diagnosed. Hope is about trying to defeat and or continue beating the odds.

  • By Ann Harper Moderator

    What gives me hope is looking at my granddaughter. Because of her, my husband, and daughters I am trying to eat healthier and take care of myself better. I wish I did this earlier then things may be different. I have hope that a cure for cancer will be found. I also try to enjoy something everyday. Life is short, no matter who you are. Just live for today because none of know what tomorrow will bring.

  • By Ann Harper Moderator

    When I start to feel down, I try to distract myself. I dont give myself a lot of time to think. Luckily I’m able to work and I work a lot. I have a granddaughter I care for and an online class I’m taking. I have goals and I am very excited about accomplishing them. I guess my answer would be that I just keep myself to busy to focus on my feelings. It does help.