Second Round of Cancer for Me

In late December 2018, they found an adenocarcinoma in my left lung. Had it removed in early January 2019. Until December 2020 all CT scans were clean then that last one in 2020 showed something in the lymph node the biopsy showed marginal B-cell lymphoma as I waited for the oncology referral to get going on treatments start.

Symptoms and treatment

I lost 40 pounds in a month and began to fill up with fluid in my gut. My PCP had some testing done outpatient type scans, sonograms, etc., and called me after one as I was driving to tell me to get my butt to the hospital ER. Due to covid stuff, the ER was set up outside the hospital and I got to sit under a tent in 80-degree weather for over 10.5 hours waiting to get a bed. Long and short of it the next AM I was seen and had a paracentesis done for the removal of 3.9 liters of fluid yes that is right. Also noted in one of the ER scans was an enlarged spleen.

Still, no word from oncology at that point 34 days since the referral was sent to that group. I spent 7 days inpatient and treatment started a few days after that finally. I am getting a series of tx as I write this. With immunotherapy first was a series of 4 one per week now I am on one tx per month not sure how long I will need them. At the beginning of the tx I again filled up with fluid prior to seeing a gastroenterologist and 911 myself to the ER fortunately I did not have to wait as long since it was 4 am to get a bed in the ER and not have to stay in the tent ER.

Continued fluid build-up

The ER doc asked me what I would like him to do for me! The long and short of it was another paracentesis was done without an actual admission to acute care and I went home by 1 pm the same day. It was noted in one PET scan that my fatty liver is now slightly cirrhotic but when I saw Gastro man he said all my labs for liver functions are normal just don't have any alcohol and I would be fine also that the lymphoma was causing the fluid build-up and he thought it would resolve with the ca tx but he still put in an as-needed order for me to self schedule a para should I fill up with fluid!

Things are looking up!

Thank goodness I have not the last pet scan did show an enlarged spleen approx 9 inches way too big and an enlarged liver both of which have decreased and will be rechecked by oncology soon. I am feeling much better still on diuretics at the moment no great weight increases on the daily but I have been eating much better using protein supplements and high-fat items per my doctor to try and gain back the weight and muscle I lost. Yes, I lost a ton of muscle mass and lots of protein in my bloodstream as evidence of that. So on the whole things are looking up!

Oh, and after the lung surgery I had fallen broke my tibia closed fx but torn meniscus in 2020 before I could get that fixed my appendix decided to crap out and go gangrenous got that removed had the knee fixed and after PT for that my left rotator cuff blew out that surgery was in late 2020. LMAO guess what I am still getting up on the right side of the dirt so you know things could be a lot worse!

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