Finding the Rainbow

I was diagnosed ~ 3 years ago with AML and underwent a stem cell transplant from my sister. AML has impacted every aspect of my life but not all for the bad. Initially, I was shocked to find out that once you had the transplant it was not over. How naïve of me. I figured once the hard part was over, all I had to do was rehab and get back to the old Pam. Rude awakening alert! I have had a total hip replacement due to avascular necrosis, broken bones in my spine, and many spinal injections to relieve the pain. Don't even get me started on what GVHD can do to you.

However, I have gained as much as I have suffered. I am now more grateful for each and every day, I cherish all I am with and what they mean to me. I am not running the rat race and learning to like myself more. I am definitely more patient and empathic and much more introspective as to what I want, where I am going, and all that I have. When they tell you it is a journey, it is a long journey but I have chosen to look for the rainbows after the storm.

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