Plasma Cell Leukemia

I was diagnosed with plasma cell leukemia in June 2020. After diagnosis, I was immediately placed on CAR-D-PACE. I was in the hospital for a week. I was readmitted about 4-5 days later with a neutropenic fever. I was in for another 5 days. I had another round of CAR-D-PACE at the end of July. I was inpatient for another 5 days. About 4-5 days later I was admitted again with dehydration and hypotension. This time it was just overnight. Things started to improve! My IgA and Free Lambda Light chain levels drastically decreased. I was starting to feel a lot better. I was placed on Krypolis, Revlimid, Darzalex, and Dex. They tried to harvest my stem cells at the end of September, but the Revlimid suppressed my stem cells too much! They took me off of Revlimid and I was able to harvest my stem cells in November. I had an autologous stem cell transplant on November 27, 2021. My bone marrow biopsy at day +60 showed that I was in stringent complete remission and MRD negative! I am currently on maintenance with Krypolis and Revlimid. I am feeling pretty good. I walked over three miles this morning!

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