Fatigue and More Fatigue!

I am in remission for CLL and was doing ok, except for the fatigue. After retiring in 2017, I thought I had the world in my hand. CLL is behind me, except for the fatigue, I can live with that. Then the vaccines arrived and like everyone else with an illness and elderly, I was told by my doctors to get the vaccines and the booster ASAP. I have lived in pure hell since taking the Pfizer Vaccines and Booster in early 2021. In and out of the hospital, if there’s a doctor around that I haven’t been to, it’s because I don’t know about him.

For 25 years my asthma has been under control, hospitalized twice with severe asthma, Bronc on my lungs because phlegm adhered like cement, skin peeling, high fever about every six weeks, swollen spleen, swollen liver, the list goes on and on. Two years ago I was cleaning my roof, and today I walked with a cane. Weak is mild, fatigue is killing me. No doctors can help, no diagnosis, too many different illnesses, and fatigue worse than when CLL was active.

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