Coming to Terms with Living with Cancer

Last updated: January 2019

Hi, I’m Nichola. I am 43 and married with 2 daughters aged 9 and 13. I work as an assistant head in a primary school. I was initially diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in January 2017 and recieved radiotherapy to my parotid gland following 2 surgeries.

Apparently, follicular lymphoma is a cancer most likely to be found in the over 60s. The lymphoma was only thought to be present in my parotid gland but in a follow-up scan in September 2017 it was noticed in my abdomen, as well.

Helpful shared experiences

I have been on watch and wait since this time. I still feel very out of control and very emotional. Waiting is the hardest part as well as trying not to think about the ‘what ifs’; telling the children and trying not to constantly beat myself up about the way I’m dealing with things.

Reading some of the posts have been so useful in feeling that I’m not alone. Thanks for accepting me to the group and letting me share your experiences.

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