My Story

Had Hodgkin's lymphoma Dx'd back in 1998.I was treated with chemo and radiation. I was in remission for 8 months then relapsed. I had an auto stem cell transplant in April 2000.

Drained for years

Foggy, tired, emotionally, and physically drained for years. Finally had some more productive years.
Fast forward to December 2020. Bloodwork came back skewed. DX - Myelodysplastic syndrome.No treatment yet, thank God.

Biopsies and treatment

But a recent bone marrow biopsy showed a slight progression in the disease. My Hematology Doc says I need another BM Biopsy to be a candidate for a clinical trial. Seems like he's getting ready to put me on chemo. I forget which one. But also possibly this trial chemo. He says, an effort to achieve remission.

I'm almost 67 and in good health otherwise. But I feel we're moving closer to an all-bone marrow transplant. Which scares the H_____ out of me.

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