Hey, So We Got Multiple Myeloma

Last updated: March 2022

I thought I would throw in my one piece of advice for MM patients. When I was diagnosed, I moped and cried for a week. Then I said, "To hell with that nonsense". You could just as easily die from getting hit by a truck. Yeah, it's a bad thing, but you have to live your life the way you want to and the hell with anything else.

So, I can't play hockey anymore or chase my grandkids at the playground. Maybe we have 1 year or 20 years, no one knows. I'm 66, so I have a long good life to look back on and some of you are much younger, but hey you know this is the mantra I live by.

Why should I mope

I have had clean drinking water my whole life. I have had access to medical care for my whole life. Never went to bed hungry unless it was my choice. Always had a roof over my head except for the nights I camped out waiting for concert tickets. I have had it better than 99.9% of all the people that have ever lived on this planet. Why should I mope?

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