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Multiple Myeloma and Faith

I had severe pain starting in November of 2017 out of the blue. I went to specialist after specialist and they all kept telling me that it was my age. I’m 47. I had to have emergency back surgery in March of 2018 because I woke up and couldn’t walk. The pain was out of the world. Still, no one found cancer.

Trusting my instincts

I never got better, so in August of 2018, I went to the emergency room and refused to leave until they found something! They found cancer and it has been a whirlwind ever since. I am doing so much better now though. I’m actually in remission even though the cancer is not curable.

God has never left my side. He has healed me in every which way and I’m so grateful. All I want is to be close to God. All I need is God and I’m so grateful for all that he has done for me. I know without him I wouldn’t be here right now! Thank you, Jesus.

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  • Ann Harper moderator
    8 months ago

    I just read your post again. Your positive attitude and your faith will give you strength. I wish you the best.

  • Ann Harper moderator
    8 months ago

    Having faith is so powerful. I’m glad you’re in remission. I will say a prayer that it stays that way. Good luck to you.

  • Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo moderator
    9 months ago

    Hello Amy! I’m so happy you were determined to get answers. I’m always amazed by the different roads so many have taken in their diagnosis. I have to say that it’s your age comment … I too have heard this, and it’s a cope out for many specialist who are clueless. We have to continually question and be on top of our health. I’m so happy you kept at it, despite the pain in getting a suitable answer as to what was going. God Bless!

  • hammosa
    9 months ago

    Love your post! I am stage 4 mantle cell Lymphoma. I was diagnosed 2013. I chose to do palitive treatment only. I just had radiation to my chest last September. I am so grateful for my faith in God . I am not afraid because I know he has good plans for me . Jer 29:11. Thank you for your uplifting post and God bless you💕

  • Doreen Hribar moderator
    9 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us all to keep it in perspective. So glad to hear you are doing much better.

  • Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo moderator
    9 months ago

    You know faith is a powerful thing, and to see the power is even more amazing. Sometimes its questioned when things don’t go with a Yes, Positive, or Great; However, it tends to be a bit deeper than that. I appreciate your honesty and love that you’re in remission. I can relate to all sentiments fellow MM in remission. Best!

  • CindyC moderator
    9 months ago

    I am glad that you finally found the cause to all your pain. I too was diagnosed with myeloma. It took two years to come up with the correct diagnosis. I was 47 when I started to experience excruciating back pain. At 49 I finally received a diagnosis. That was 10 years ago. I am glad you are in remission. I hope it is long and durable. Continue to educate yourself about myeloma and make sure you are in the care of a specialist. God Bless you.

  • bluchs
    9 months ago

    Thank You for reminded all of us how powerful our God and Lord and Savior Jesus is!
    God never left my side either.
    I have been fighting B-Cell Lymphoma for a very long time now.
    There were time when I actually Prayed for death to come, I was in so much pain.
    But I always new, that if My Lord came for me.
    I would be in heaven, with my mother and other friends and family, who have gone ahead of me.
    I guess God has other plans for me, since I am still here, and fighting on?
    I too, am grateful for all he has done for me.
    Some may think, why would I be grateful, when I am terminally ill?
    Because, without him, I would be gone already.
    I would have no hope, and I would not have had a chance, to tell the ones I Love, goodbye in my own special way.
    I agree with you 100%
    Without him.
    I wouldn’t be here right now!
    Thank You Jesus

  • amysal47 author
    9 months ago

    I’m so sorry… God has really been by my side and I’m so grateful! I’ll be praying for you. I burly an hot

  • jackieyar
    9 months ago

    Hi, I agree with your faith in God. He has carried me thru so much during my years with splenic marginal zone lymphoma. I have experienced so many unexplained complications from treatments that almost ended my life.
    What kind of cancer are you diagnosed with?
    Still looking for someone that has traveled a similar journey.

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