My Bald Is Beautiful

My bald is beautiful collage

I didn't choose to lose my hair. Cancer made that choice for me! Nevertheless, I'm able to still look in the mirror and see beauty. It may not be everyone's definition, but it's mine! This was a process for me. I cried SO many tears, battled depression, and even tried to hide it. But hey, This is me! Now I think me is pretty fabulous!!!

It doesn't define you

To my fellow sisters in the fight, Be encouraged and embrace life. It truly is "just hair." It doesn't define you, make you, or break you. It actually helped my self-esteem and inner strength to lose my hair.

Remember It will grow back. And if it doesn't, Baby there are too many gorgeous wigs in this world to worry about it!!! Sending HUGS to those who are still on the path to embracing that Beauty!! 

Whether you choose to embrace your beautiful baldness; wrap it, rock a hat, or wig, just be you! Keep fighting! It’s going to be ok! 

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