Were There Any Signs?

Many people looking in from the outside wonder what, if any, call-outs were given before a diagnosis of blood cancer. Unfortunately, for most, warning signs are not necessarily easy observations to pinpoint. The experiences are many and unique in their way for one reason or another. I wish I could say that the signs that do show their presence are clear indicators, but one thing blood cancer shows us is there’s no clear cut and dry in understanding all of this.

Unlikely that there were warning signs

When I’m asked this question, I think hard as to what was happening around that time for me. I remember there was a lot of stress at that time, and we all know stress shows its usual head with the typical fatigue, headaches, and stomach issues, to name a few. However, two call-outs that I did notice were an interesting craving for starch like cold rice. It was rather weird as I don’t like cold food, especially rice, in that manner.

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The second call out was clicking knees when going up and down the steps.

What did my odd symptoms mean?

So, what could that all mean in the grand theme of things? Well, at the time, I went with the flow. Who would think the craving rice would lead to dire issues like blood cancer? We’re all guilty of going with the flow and not considering some oddities that surface.

After further digging, I found that my high craving for starch could have been due to a high iron deficiency as I was also anemic which was part of my C.R.A.B call-outs (calcium levels (C), renal failure R), anemia (A) and bone pain (B)) that comes along with multiple myeloma.1 The “A” in CRAB was my anemia.

As for those clicking bones, well it may have been more than a pop here or there, but it could have meant a call-out to an evident low vitamin D count.

 So What?

I’ve always been anemic so how would this be such an issue if a patient such as myself always fell in this category of being unsure of when things take another term outside of the norm, now a serious problem. Well, all I can say is, being clear on observations and noticing changes and hopefully having a doctor that asks the right questions or scripts the correct lab draws. It can consist of a lot of guesswork at times, luck, as well with everything aligning itself and test results accurately providing the answers to some puzzles.

What are The Signs?

Again, every experience is just that - a unique experience. There are a variety of different forms of blood cancers; therefore, the signs may be different depending on the situation. The more popular callouts to a problem fall between but not limited to:

The conclusion here is it might be useful to watch and be attentive in reacting to certain call-outs. Sometimes our responses can be overreactions. However, it doesn’t hurt to question things you’re unsure of.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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