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Thanksgiving and Treatments are Almost Done!

Last updated: November 2019

Thanksgiving was really good the year Crystal got done with chemo. When Thanksgiving arrived, she still had one more treatment to go, but she was well on her way to being done with chemo completely. The treatments would have been finished, but Crystal had to put off her appointments a few times because of medical complications. But, it was Thanksgiving and we were all very grateful chemo would be coming to an end and Crystal was going to get better. The coming year would be the best one yet!

Holidays with cancer

Although Crystal had cancer, and we didn’t know for sure that she would be cured, we still found so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. As a family, we were all together, we had a roof over our heads, and had good food to eat. Most of us had our health and the rest of us were working on getting our health back. We had enough money to get by and we had all we needed. It’s tough sometimes to be happy with what we have, but learning to be grateful can go a long way and is one step in the healing process. The thing about cancer is that you learn to appreciate many of the little things that were taken for granted before. We may not have everything we want, but after a cancer diagnosis, you learn that health is the most important thing you could have.

Looking to the year ahead

This year, as Thanksgiving draws closer, I have even more to be grateful for. Crystal is cancer-free and the rest of us are healthy. We will be celebrating the holiday at Crystal's house as she and her new boyfriend decided to cook the holiday meal this year - one more thing to be thankful for! LOL! I'm hoping the whole family can join us, but if not, we will celebrate the weekend before with them. It really is a nice feeling that, at least for now, everything is going well. Life is circular and there will be ups and downs, but for now, I will celebrate the upswing.

Being grateful this holiday season

The reason for this post is I believe being grateful is a very important step we have to take to help ourselves be happy and to regain our health, both physically and mentally. There are so many reasons to be worried, upset, or even angry. I have found that this serves no purpose. All that happens is these emotions eat away at us. If our bodies and minds spend so much time being focused on things that we will probably not even think about again in a month or things we may not have control over, then we can’t focus on happiness or healing. What I do is try to think about the worst possible thing that could happen in a certain situation. Most of the time, it's usually not that bad. Once I put that into perspective, I can get peace of mind and move on. Just a little something to think about as this Thanksgiving approaches. Count your blessings and give thanks!

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