Last updated: September 2022

The one eye-opener (though it’s been so many) that the COVID-19 virus has shown us, is how vulnerable we are to stuff. One area of insanity that stuck out for me was when family members were not allowed to be with their loved ones who were confined to a bed, a respirator, and even death. I have to say that is the one standard that tops treatment for whatever medical obstacle you may have going on, and that is having those who are part of your squad be close to you. I can’t imagine the emotions of going through this ordeal and not holding and touching a loved one if and when the inevitable was near. So after pondering a bit, I have to bring light to the standards I think we all assume should be at our feet, though many times that is not the case.

Smile, it's candid camera

I think we can all attest to appreciating a smile here and there, even when we’re not in the mood, because of what may be in store, whether an injection, pain, or annoyance. Though our mood depends on so many factors, that smile from a nurse and doctor is a needed component. I don’t care how your day may be, but those caring for me better fester up a positive smile.

Look, we all have our issues, and some days we’re just not in the mood. I get that. However, when we’re talking about a frowning mouth lab tech or nurse whose face and energy show they are not with it, well, I’d rather them take a minute and then come back to care for me. I always check the energy of someone who is getting ready to care for me, because if your energy is off, and you approach me with a needle, then my mood and energy are definitely going to exude through that energy. I believe a negative and a negative is not going to give a positive other than in a mathematical concept. So smile through it, take a minute and regroup, so that the patient is at ease.

We deserve high standards!

I’ve written prior about treatment rooms where housekeeping or the nurse may have missed. Well, this still stands! I’m funny with cleanliness in general, way before COVID. Call me different, but I don’t want to associate with you if you’re using the bathroom and failing to wash your hands, or any area around me is unkempt. I remember seeing a couple of co-workers back in the day doing this craziness and then having the nerve to shake a client’s hands right after. Like what in the world?! As we’re already in the immunocompromised end, I have to be comfortable with what is going on around me. I’ve always been iffy sitting in waiting rooms waiting for treatment, as some folks may have been dripping fluids and such.

It doesn’t matter if you have a tail growing out of your right ear, receiving the highest and best care should still be a given. I know in the perfect world that would be a given, but why in 2021 that cannot be the case because of another person’s hang-ups? When I walk into a doctor’s office and they look at my color before they see what is wrong with me, well that doesn’t cut it in filling my standard of treatment checklist, and it shouldn’t.

It doesn’t matter what is going on around us. We all deserve high standards, so be sure to let those that be know it!

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile... when you feel like it

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