Cancer Is A Family Affair

A family is a family. Families live together, grow together, have fun together, and cry together. When there is no one else to depend on, family is there. Family is a good thing and we are all lucky to have those that love us and will help us in our time of need. Of course, we hope we never have to put that kind of stain on those we love, but then cancer hits, and everything changes.

The person who is going through cancer has an uphill battle to face. They are scared, overwhelmed, unsure, nervous, and maybe even angry. It’s a lot to take on and no one is ever ready to hear the words, “You have cancer.” It’s a totally life-changing event. The cancer is in that person’s body and it’s wreaking havoc in so many ways. But that person isn’t the only one affected. Their cancer diagnosis has also affected everyone around them.

Family reaction

All family members are affected by their loved one’s cancer diagnosis and the family dynamics will change. Everyone is scared and nervous, not knowing what will come from a loved one having cancer. What will the doctor say about treatment, will the treatment work, will they make it through? Everyone shares the same thoughts, but no one wants to say them out loud. The answer may be too much to take.

Then there’s the physical strain. The family member with cancer is getting treated and the effects are hard on them. They may be nauseous, unable to eat and losing weight, hair loss, and so, so many other issues it’s too many to list. In some cases, they are unable to do the things they used to do and may need help. This is when family is needed and is so important.

Family comes to the rescue and pitches in. Someone makes time to go along for doctor visits. Someone does the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, and makes sure the person with cancer is as comfortable as possible. They may have to lose time from work, take time away from their social life, and get up in the middle of the night for an emergency room visit. It can be a strain, but it is something a family does because they are family.

A remission celebration

Then there’s the last doctor visit and the whole family gets the news that there is no more evidence of cancer. Everyone celebrates together because the family is whole again. They can watch their loved ones regain their strength and get back to the life they once had. The family member with cancer will be forever changed having gone through such a grueling time and their outlook on life may be different, but the whole family is changed as well. They know they are not invincible because cancer has taken that feeling away. The whole family knows how vulnerable they are and each person will handle that feeling and make changes in their own way.

When cancer strikes one person in the family, the strike hits everyone close by. Each family member is changed by the diagnosis of a loved one. Sometimes it may put a wedge that causes families to lose contact, but in many cases, it brings families closer together. Whatever the outcome, cancer is a family affair and is definitely not a visitor that is welcome.

Wishing you all health & happiness!

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