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Sharing Cancer on My Work Social Media

I was recently featured in the first article of a series in the online version of a UK paper.  To begin with, I was a bit irritated that I wouldn’t be in the printed version, but someone pointed out to me that only those who pick up the paper (which is free) would see the article and it’s not in every city. So, actually being on the website was a much better thing!

Highlighting life with an invisible illness

The series is on invisible illness, which is very important to me. Not quite so much now, as I feel so much better on the new drug, but when I felt horrific, I would get quite shouty about it. It was also very flattering that the first article was on me and to see what the response was. If it’s good, then there will be more people with other invisible illness featured. As I write this, I have realised that I have no idea what the response was in terms of interest and engagement from the general public… hopefully, it was good so other people get to share their story and help educate the public on what it’s like living with whatever illness they have.

On my personal social media, I wasn’t surprised …and as I write this, I realise how arrogant this sounds… at how kind people were with their comments. They were sharing the link with others and saying what an inspiration I am. I do find it weird that I’m an inspiration. I just do the best that I can each day, as I assume that’s what others do as well. I suppose it’s good I don’t think I’m an inspiration. If I did, I would probably be a pretty horrible person to be around!

Mixing professional and personal

But what I did with this article, which I haven’t really done before, was to share it on my work social media. I keep my health away from my work, as it’s not why I became a naturopath.  It’s not relevant. Naturopathy found me when I was miserable as a PA. I didn’t go on a health quest when I was diagnosed to ‘fix myself’ and naturopathy hasn’t ‘fixed me’. (Not that there is anything wrong with those who do. I’m quite unusual in my field of work that my website homepage isn’t about me, how I was ill, found a therapy that cured me, so I now want to use it with everyone else). I just happen to love the naturopathic approach and all the hands-on treatments I can give to help support the body. Anyway, this isn’t a post about my work!

Overwhelmed by love and support

I was a bit nervous about sharing it on my work social media in case anyone asked me why I haven’t been able to cure myself… someone has asked me this in the past… but I shouldn’t have been. The response was really quite overwhelming in terms of people thanking me for sharing my experience and how much it will help people in my situation. This was really unexpected. And whilst I will continue to keep my cancer away from my work, I now know that on the rare occasion I want to, I just have love and support behind me.

A good lesson learnt.

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