Running Again

I WENT RUNNING AGAIN AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! I haven’t been running in so long and I miss it and it was so amazing to be able to go!

Also, as I do a lot of walking with a dog, I have kept my fitness up, so it wasn’t completely horrific either. I didn’t go too mental in terms of distance as I can do that. A problem I have is always wanting to do more and not being happy with what I have done. Also, because I have done a fair amount of running, well let’s be honest, jogging, in the past I have a stupid thought process about how many miles I should do a week.

Finding a new running routine

When I was last regularly running, I was marathon training and did completely ruin myself in the process, but I remember keeping it up for a few months afterwards. I felt like I had to do 3 runs a week and one of them HAD to be 5 miles. I know this is ridiculous and not the case.  At that time, because my energy was rubbish, I didn’t do that much walking so running longer distances was really important to me because I’m mental about my weight. I thought if I ran a lot, then it (my weight) would all be ok. I’m also aware of how important exercise is to your health so that was another reason why I wanted to do a certain amount of miles a week.

I haven’t been able to go running for a very long time, but I decided this time, that doing just over 2 miles, 3 times a week was absolutely fine. The reason why I have been so ok with this is that I clock up over 10,000 steps most days with the dog I walk, so I don’t need to be a complete moron and destroy myself with running.

And so far, it’s worked! I managed to do 3 runs in a week and do them in a pretty good time!  The first 2 I did just over 9 minutes miles and the 3rd I managed just under 9-minute miles, which made me very happy. I’ve never been particularly fast, more slow and steady, so to start with 9-minute miles, when I thought I would be so much slower was very pleasing!

Looking to the future and staying active

I really hope I am able to keep this up, especially in the winter. I’m not very good at exercising in the heat, I much prefer running in the cold, which is really weird as I hate the cold and love the heat!  But as you have probably clocked by now.  I’m not normal.

So we shall see how long this lasts, I hope this is the start of a new beginning for me.  Being able to exercise AND work AND see friends. Living a ‘normal’ life basically and not being restricted because of rubbish energy levels. I’m also going to make sure that I stay sensible and don’t sign up for any races or anything like that. I’m never going to put myself under that sort of pressure again with running. I don’t want to continuously hate it because I’ve been an idiot with over committing.

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