Forgetting About CML Awareness Day

Last updated: November 2018

Well. I’m a rubbish CML-er. 100% failed at CML day and saying anything about it on social media or doing anything specific on the day. It was by chance I saw a Facebook post by around 7.30pm UK time that I clocked it that was CML day that day - the 22nd September, so a bit late to do anything!  CML day is on the 22nd September because CML happens when switching happens between chromosome 9 and 22, which shouldn't happen.  Really, after 11 and a half and a bit years, I should know this date and what it means... especially as it gives me yet another opportunity to talk about myself!!  Middle children you know, any excuse to have the focus on them!

A social media break

So I completely failed to do anything on social media on the day, other than laugh at myself for not realising it happened. And whilst a day is great for a hashtag, a topic, to get it trending, the more time I spend away from social media, the more I realise that actually, it’s ok not to get involved in these days. Of course, I’m not saying to ignore them! If that happens, they would never happen and that wouldn’t be ideal.  I have fallen out of love with Twitter and Facebook.  Instagram I love!  But hate quote pictures etc.  I love it to take photos and then to post some of the photos that I’ve taken and to look at other people’s photos.  I love photography.

Every day is CML day

Anyway, back to CML day!  I think because I spend so much of my time talking about CML and am so open and honest about it, I have a CML day every day. Doing these blog posts for example. Or explaining to someone when they see my ‘Cancer On Board’ badge and ask about it. Or when hospital appointments come up in conversation for whatever reason. I get to explain and educate about CML. Also, as unusually considering how long I’ve had CML for, I’m at the hospital all the time. So when co-working friends ask where I’ve been etc I get to tell them. And the more who know, the more ask how I am and the more I tell them about CML.   I don’t feel like I have to talk about CML all the time, it’s just a part of my life so it comes up in conversation.  Just like I talk about my nieces or work.  It’s there, I’m not going to ignore it or cover it up or feel like it can’t be talked about.  It is what it is.

So I don’t know how I feel about CML day in terms of my emotional attachment to it. It’s great to have it as so few know it. But, at the same time, it seems to pass me by regularly!  And has done that for the last 11 years!  Assuming of course that it existed then.  Maybe it didn’t.  I have no idea! Not sure what that says about me....

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