I Am So Mad I Got Cancer

I know a few people who have cancer as well as a few caregivers, that are so mad they or their family member got cancer. They talk about other people who live their lives in unhealthy ways and wonder how they were spared. I find this difficult to listen to and I don't understand it.

Just unlucky

When I first got cancer, I kind of felt like it was the luck of the draw in the hand of life that I was dealt. I had no idea or understanding why I got cancer, especially thyroid cancer, but I knew many people who got some form of cancer. Some were tall, some were short, some old, some young, some heavy, and some skinny. I also knew some did not always live the most healthy lifestyles, but some did. What does this show? That who you are doesn't seem to matter much. What's the point in getting mad about this? Nobody deserves to get cancer, but we get it anyway.

Lifestyle causes?

I do, however, wonder if it is our lifestyle that could be the cause. For example, my mother had been a smoker. Although she had quit for many years, she still got lung cancer. I lived a very sedentary lifestyle, had an awful diet, and partied too much. I got cancer too. The thing is, when I learned my cancer had spread, I stopped all that and the growth of my cancer slowed down. Is there a connection? My doctor says no, but some of the things I have read and listened tell a different story. If it is our lifestyle, then we can only be mad at ourselves.

The environment may also play a role in why we get cancer. My daughter Crystal got cancer. She was exposed to many things while she was the Airforce. She also led a very stressful life. When I heard about her cancer, I didn't get mad, I became worried and went into full mommy mode. I just wanted to care for her and help her get better. Now that she is better, she tries to live a healthier lifestyle that includes lots of veggies and movement - she even became a running coach. Crystal had Hodgkin lymphoma. There is a lawsuit going on that states Roundup may be one of the reasons for this type of cancer. This suggests that the environment could play a role in some forms of cancer. Instead of getting mad, maybe we should make some changes in what we put into our environment. We can’t control everything, but we can stop the use of some things - like Roundup.

Take control, don’t get mad

The point of my story is, I didn't get mad about my family or myself getting cancer. I have never wondered why someone else, for whatever reason, was spared. Instead, I try to take matters into my own hands and encourage my daughter to live healthily and do what I can with my diet and lifestyle. At first, I just thought I was one of the unlucky ones. Now I truly believe the way I was living contributed to or may have even caused my issues. Who knows for sure, but working hard on trying to live a healthy life gives me the power to try and help myself. Getting mad about something that can't be undone and isn't within my control is not helpful and probably does more harm than good. Taking control of my life and trying to keep my mind and body strong is working for me and, so far, it seems to be helping.

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