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You Are Enough

As you reflect on your life and where you are on your cancer journey, please allow me to encourage you with three simple yet powerful words. YOU ARE ENOUGH!! I know you are thinking that it can't be that simple, but I assure you, it is.

It can be overwhelming!

Life becomes overwhelming, I know. From the moment you are diagnosed, you are consumed with so much information. Your doctor is telling you what needs to be done. Family members and friends are giving suggestions and advice. And then there is the descent into that never-ending abyss. Yes, the internet! Ha!! Once you find your bearings on your diagnosis, the statistics, and all the possible variables you find yourself in the next phase... treatment! You are in and out of doctor offices, visiting the hospital quite often for various scans, MRIs, biopsies, and multiple medical procedures. Not to mention, you give up so much blood, you wonder how you are possible still living! LOL!

The tug of war!

So now the fight is on! You tell yourself, "I got this!" Determined to still be "normal" and maintain the life you had before this ugly disease invaded your world. However, you find there isn't enough of you for all you desire to do. Worse yet, you just can't make everyone happy. It's a horrible feeling for sure when it seems you are letting people down.

Remember, when you are pushing yourself, you only let one person down... You! I know there are days it doesn't feel like it, but know that you are enough for what your life needs. Cancer is just one part of your life journey.

Be encouraged!

You have to look at yourself from a different perspective. You are not merely a cancer patient. You are still the exact same amazing person that you were the moment right before your diagnosis. Only now you have cancer. There is something inside of you, that the world desperately needs! It still needs you and your voice.

There are times when life puts pressure on you and it becomes overwhelming, even painful. It can make you question if this is meant to be. You may ask, "What am I going through this for?" You will ponder, "Am I where I should be or doing what I'm supposed to be doing?"

Yes, you are enough!

Yes, you can get through this part of your life and still be all you dream of being. Treatment and life fulfillment can co-exist in your world at the same time. Release the need to take on the world. Give up the notion that you can or even should do all you used to do. Get over the guilt that you are letting anyone down because you have to slow down or even say "no" at times.

Instead of overloading and overextending yourself, just love yourself. Accept the journey and embrace life as it is. I assure you that you are enough for your career, family, friends, and life. Simply put, take it all in stride, YOU ARE ENOUGH FOR IT!!

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