Tips To Accomplish New Years Resolutions

Every year comes a new year. Yes, Katelynn, that's how years work. I know! But with each new year, many of us tend to make New Year’s Resolutions. This year I decided I wanted to make more money so I could save up more and be healthier overall. It can be very hard to stick to your goals. It can be even harder when you’re chronically ill. Most years I don’t really follow through as much as I want to, if at all. So I wanted to write out some tips that might help.


Sometimes I simply just forget to do things. (Thank you chemo brain.) So leaving myself reminders can be very helpful. I like sticky notes. I can put them near things I look at every day. The light switch, on the wall near my toothbrush, the handle of the fridge, on a pizza box in the freezer, etc.

I also find setting a million alarms on my phone works. But if you have roommates like I do, that might drive them a bit crazy. Most phones have a notepad app, I write everything down day by day that I need to do and have made it a habit to look at it several times a day.

Break it up

I can feel overwhelmed if I feel like my goal is super big or tedious. I like to break one big goal up into several smaller tasks. For example, let’s say I want to walk for an hour twice a week in the afternoon.

I can start by in the morning taking out my work out clothes and setting them on my dresser. Then eat a hearty breakfast. After I’ve digested it enough I can fill up my water bottle and put that next to my clothes. Then download a fun game like Pokemon go onto my phone to play while I walk. Then by the time 3 pm rolls around, I can just throw on my clothes, grab my water and walk out the door. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot to do, it’s really not. But for someone who gets overwhelmed easily it’s super helpful.

Visualize it

Use your senses! There are things called vision boards. Basically, people make a collage of sorts with clippings/pictures of things they want to accomplish. If someone wanted to be a marine biologist maybe they would have pictures of an aquarium, the beach, sea life, lab equipment, schools, or things like that on their board. These can be helpful reminders on why you’re working towards your goal and fun to make if you’re into arts and crafts!

I hope that if you do have a goal, you’re able to meet it this year. Remember to be patient with yourself, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Some days we need to let our bodies and minds rest before we can try again. That’s the beautiful part, we can always try again. As always I want to hear from you! If you have any other tips or stories please share in the comments. I’d love to hear!

Warm wishes, Katelynn

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