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When Do You Act?

How long do you wait before you start making the big decisions in life again after any traumatic experience? Some say wait a year while others say suck it up and move on ASAP. What has worked for you and why it did?

  1. After a near death experience (years before cancer diagnosis) happening at the same time as my mom's death, I waited 8 months before moving across the state to a town where I knew no one. I'd lived in the same place for 48 years so it was a really big deal but it turned out to be the best thing I ever did for myself. Fun fact--I had a job in the new place but it folded within a couple of months and I had to make the decision to stay or go and I chose to STAY. Happy I did. To be honest, I probably would have moved sooner if I could have--but I think it is an individual decision. Susan

    1. I had a friend tell me he had planned on waiting a year after the death of his wife of 50 years . Then on one cold New England day he was sitting in his sun room some 5 months later. Looking at the snow blowing sideways in his backyard he booked a flight to FL. Met up with a bud, bought a piece of property and then built a house. He still has a home in CT + FL and he is as happy as a clam being a FL resident . Moving into a new area and not knowing anyone one has to be a challenge. How did you do that one?? Dennis( TEAM)

      1. I think it really all depends. I know some people who can't be alone and have gotten into relationships a bit too soon after. I think that bucket list is fitting what you want to do and experience and put the goals into action. Best!

        1. In time Dennis. Best!

        2. Thank you and so agree ... its all about "In Time" Dennis ( TEAM)

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