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What "New Normal?"

I believe what we often call " the new normal" after a cancer diagnosis and treatment is not about finding some kind of renewal.
Nor do I think it is about retreating to some mountain top or cave to find the new you. Anytime we go somewhere to be alone we also bring our old selves along as well.

For me life after cancer it is all about self-discovery. It is taking time to understand a fundamental truth. At this very moment we are full of the potential of what we will ever be. After cancer I believe it is best to step back and rediscover who you are now and then decide how you want to apply your natural born gifts to every aspect of your current life.

  1. Self-discovery is always an interesting enlightenment. When we sit back and recollect all the trials and tribulations we've experienced, and are still here to talk about it, says a lot!

    1. So we’ll said!

      1. I have found my new normal to be a person that respects my boundaries, my body, and I now put everything into being happy and feeling alive. Before work was the most important thing and my body and family suffered because of it. I won’t be making that mistake again. Ann ( Team member)

        1. Sometimes it's a learning train on trials and tribulations, that's why the word "perfect" seems nonexistent or unreal in some cases. The best we can do is learn from the experiences and so better... or try to. Best!

      2. I often say my "new normal," is neither new (nearly eight years!) and far from normal. One of the nicest things ever said to me during my journey was when an old friend remarked that I'm exactly the same as always. I try not to let cancer define me but sometimes it is hard as you know. Some people seem surprised when I can talk about things other than CML. Go figure.

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