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What are some tips for managing fatigue?

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms and side effects of blood cancer. Share tips on how you manage your fatigue.

  1. Ahhh, fatigue. My number 1 side effect ... I drink lots of water, exercise (walk), eat a plant-based diet, do breathing exercises, meditate, take a few extra supplements, and enjoy naps when I need them. But the one thing that helps me feel better almost instantly is an ice-cold shower. I start out with warm water and end with a few minutes of pure cold. I know it sounds crazy, but I hardly ever feel better than when I just get done with that!

    1. I have been drinking a lot of water, supplements, and I've learned to create a schedule.... plan out how to get things done. I usually have to lay down or take a nap in between activities, especially if its something really active like working out or after work before I clean the house, help my parents....It doesn't take much for the fatigue to kick in and when it does its like a fatigue bear jumps on my back, I feel it coming on and getting stronger then out of no where a fatigue quarter back tackles with a few more huge bags of fatigue just to lay me out, as I try to push through lol! true story, story of my life uuugggghhhh! I'm still trying to figure out the right formula to help me get through.

      1. What also makes it challenging is the fact that family, friends and more have difficulty that fatigue is not the same as being tired. You just do not catch a few ZZZZ's and it is gone. I am still slowly improving and I stress .... SLOWLY .... and yes water, planning, and keeping active are a few things I do -

    2. Yes! I tried to sleep it away and that doesn't really work, but it helps to relieve the fatigue feeling just a little bit. I feel you on that <3

      1. Yup- you just can not sleep it off

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