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Video blog or journal 📓 your cancer journey?

How many of you have recorded some of your journey being diagnosed with cancer whether it was journaling or video blogging.

  1. I did both journaling and video blogging as I was in active treatment. I wish I had done some more but I do have quite a few I look back at and just look and see how far I’ve come. Also reflecting too, it’s always that reminder I appreciate and see beauty in too💗

    1. I also did a video series when I underwent a combination of hormone therapy + 40 radiation treatments. Recorded every day 5 days a week for 8 weeks. I was really concerned about the impact of having my insides "microwaved" The 8 segments are designed to let folks know what it is like to undergo radiation treatment. In the end it was not that bad. The anticipation was with worst part I discovered ...Dennis( TEAM)

      1. I’m glad you did a video series💜 I never did radiation but I’ve had a few friends. The chemotherapy they gave me had me on my butt 😫😵‍💫🤢😴😮‍💨🤭🤒😷

        1. I'm on the fence about it. When I first came to the site I saw that some people did decide to document their time in treatment and I felt like I would have been uncomfortable to look back and remember such a time. But now I wonder sometimes if I should have to help educate people about what it's actually like.

          1. no this is also a great answer as well!. There are others who may feel the same way 💜💞🫂 for me this was and is my testimony. I want others to see there not alone. I also saw this quote and it went something like this “Your struggle are a guide book for someone else’s survival book.” Amanda🐼 team member ❤️

          2. Thank you, I like that! It helps knowing what we went through can at least do some good. <3

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