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TV Show or New Book

When you are feeling like a couch potato or just need a break, do you prefer watching a show or reading a book? Tell us about your favorites!

  1. I would binge watch The Office for hours with my father. Not a huge book person, but I do like graphic novels.

    1. Awesome, ! Who is your favorite character? Thanks for sharing! -Anthony ( Team Member)

      1. For me its any type of food related program although typically not any if the "competition" based shows. I enjoy the intricacies of the recipes and execution and "cook along" in my head.

        1. Those shows are great for recipe ideas and inspiration! I think TV's should start coming with a 4D feature so we can smell what they are cooking!

      2. Ohhhhh... I def prefer watching a good show. I love The Handmaids Tale (Hulu), The Leftovers (HBO), Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon), Pushing Daisies (Amazon), The Young Pope (HBO), Grey's Anatomy (ABC), How To Get Away With Murder (ABC), The Good Place (NBC, I think) anddddd This Is Us (NBC, I think as well!)

        I've also just gotten into The Patriot, which is on Amazon!

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