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The In-Between Place

Have you ever felt like you are in-between active blood cancer and remission? How do you deal with life in-between?

  1. 18 years experience after given 2-5years max!

    1. Living that in-between life I think in some fashion affects all cancer patients. Even the ones in remission have to deal with that fact they'll never say "cured," they just say remission and hopefully it wont' come back. The statistics say otherwise, though, at beast a 1 in 4 chance of coming back is not nothing. I think you just have to live for today not tomorrow, as the saying goes, and nothing teaches you how to do that better than having cancer! Keep on keepin' on, DPM

      1. I agree. The diagnosis creates a change in a moment in time when the future, even tomorrow, has little relevance. I too am re-learning how to live in the present.

        1. That time in between times --- when you are no longer in a place that was comfortable nor are you sure where your new comfort place will be is called Liminal Space.

          As humans we like stability and when unsure we get edgy and can make some odd decisions. This in-between time can be a time of creativity as you seek out new possibilities or you can get stuck there.

          My approach when I am in that in-between time (where I am now is ) I just try to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and see where it leads. Forcing an outcome I believe can just make things more challenging in the long run. Dennis( TEAM)

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