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The Cancer Market

You know, before I was diagnosed with cancer, I very seldom heard much about cancer or medicines for different types of cancers. Now? Seems every commercial you see on TV or even hear on the radio deals with almost everything cancer. They say Google not only monitors you on the internet, but hears a lot of what you say as well. Many times my wife and I will be discussing some thing, and the next day and several days later, I'll notice what we discussed will show up on web site advertisements. Certain words trigger Google I guess.

I love and pretty much live on (but it's amazing how often my searches in Amazon shows up in my web page advertisements). For cancer patients, Amazon has an amazing amount of product's from reputable companies to help you as a Patient. I always figured once you go back home from the hospital after chemo, the only way to get some of the basic good stuff you got in the hospital, that was it. That you would have to ask your doctor to hopefully get more. But no. Amazon has a lot of the good stuff also. Like medicated mouth wash for chemo patients. Good creams for neuropathy. And so much more. You just have to search Amazon, and you'll most likely find multiple different companies that has what your looking for. I also found a website that gives you awesome discounts at Amazon called UpDeals com. FYI: Not trying to sell anything here, just passing some info to help those of us who has cancer. Best wishes. Shane ( team member)

  1. In the early Fall of 2021 my wife decided it was time to replace our 6 year old Toyota RAV4. It was still running like a top but part of her motivation I suspect was she wanted to gift our current vehicle to our 18 year old granddaughter to replace her aging teen car. Hard for any granddad to ague with that kind of grandma logic.

    For about a month we looked at multiple replacement options. Finally decision day arrived and we purchased a 2022 Subaru Forester. There was no reason to broadcast the news it was simply an auto purchase. Then it happened. Much to our surprise the number of Subaru's we saw on the road suddenly exploded . They were everywhere in parking lots, on highways and in driveways. It was truly amazing. The real truth however was quite different. The number of Foresters never changed. What did change was our perception and sensitivity to unknowingly look for and notice that brand. I bet if we purchased a Ford 150 pick up - they also would have suddenly been everywhere as well.

    Like you I have also noticed the increase (real or imagined) in cancer ADs and I seldom miss a moment to shed tear watching many of them. Before cancer I never recalled seeing a cancer medication AD - Now they are everywhere. It just goes to prove that the human mind is a very complex tool . Dennis( TEAM)

    1. It's unfortunate but cancer is a mega-money business. Now we're seeing other markets getting in on the action (if you will), other than insurance.
      Some products are warranted though, but it can be a needle in the haystack finding specific items for what you seek.

      I totally agree with that google or other pop-up indicators when speaking certain things out loud, that magically appear on your screen. This whole algorithm and AI is some scary yet interesting business.

      1. Trust and believe he's listening. I'm sure he's gotten an earful with my mouth (LOL)

      2. Indeed, it is!

    2. I've been seeing a lot more of entertainment using cancer to drive the story along. It is interesting.

      1. Cancer is such a compelling image - sort of like watching a fire - visually it draws you in but you do not want to get close. Dennis( TEAM)

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