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Supportive Pets

Do you have a pet-hero who has helped you cope with your blood-cancer? How have they helped you? Share their story and upload their picture.

  1. I have always had pets who have been emotional support for me throughout the years. When I found out I had NHL & would be needing chemotherapy for 8 months, my 2nd thought was what about my cats? I had friends suggest I give them away or foster them out but when I shared my concerns with my oncologist she asked why the need to foster or give them away? Her questioning my ambivalence was enough for me to decide that I'd keep them & my family agreed to stop in & take care of them while I was inpatient. This was by far the best solution as they have been my stalwarts & sentinels ever since. Their love & devotion keeps me sane & I'm so glad I decided to have them stay at home.

    1. Thank you for joining the conversation. Our furry family members offer so much. I am so glad you were able to find a good solution for your cats while you were in treatment. It must have been wonderful to come home to them. Take care. ( team member)

  2. Hi I agree pets really help.I have always had a dog they really help when I am feeling down in the dumps. It is a blood cancer and it affects your bones and blood .It is called MM for short.

    1. I know personally that most blood cancers usually affect the bones 🦴 like bone pain, but just to be on the safe side it would be best to ask your medical team and they can give you the right for sure answer. I had ALL leukemia and that bone pain had me in tears. Amanda 🐼 💜

    2. Thanks for joining the conversation. I'm glad your dog has helped you through some tough times. You probably know all too well how MM affects the bones. Unfortunately, fatigue and bone pain are the two most talked-about symptoms of MM.
      How are you doing today...are you currently undergoing treatment?
      ~Doreen (Team Member)

    1. My dogs have been a big help and great support. I would definitely go as far to say that they helped me in my healing process after chemotherapy but also help me while I was an active treatment too. They brought me joy and love ❤️ and still do🫂🫂🫂🫂 puppy love is the best! They help me when I’m sad.

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