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Sugar Replacement

I love cake, cookies, chocolate, etc. I am working to find other foods to replace these foods. Any food suggestions to help me to replace my favorite foods. Also, fatigue is trying to take over my life. Lately, I must stop my day and take a nap. What are you doing to help with this problem?

  1. I stop drinking soda and I drink a drink called ice. It’s still gives me that bubbly Carbonated feeling without it being soda I get them at Publix and I’ve seen them at Walmart as well. The piña colada one is so yummy! To be honest I am not into tonic water I just don’t like the taste of that stuff. I also deal with fatigue really bad and honestly taking a nap or just laying down for an hour and a half two hours helps me somewhat. Even after getting up from a nap or laying down for a little bit I still have that foggy fatigue feeling I’ve been working on trying to find ways to resolve it myself. At least know that you’re not alone💗Amanda🐼( team member ❤️)

    1. Sugar sure can give us a lift, a jolt of energy. Maybe that's why you are craving sweets? in my experience eating protein can help stave off those cravings. And then I like to add some carbs. Bread, rice and potatoes really help me. I'm a big fan of stews and soups as the weather gets colder. Berries, nuts/seeds added to Greek yogurt makes a nice snack. Or skip the yogurt and add raisins and chocolate chunks. For energy I admit to drinking coffee, sugar free energy drinks and tea. Also, its good to take a breather break every now and again. Take everything a little slower and take a moment to breathe in between tasks helps me. Despite it all, sometimes a nap can make a big difference. Our bodies need all the help they can get. 😊

      1. Thank you

    2. Ohh, I had one heck of a sweet tooth when I was going through chemo etc. I had to try for a month to wean myself off the tremendous amounts of sugar I was shoveling into my mouth via candy, cakes, and cookies. Plus all the stuff people brought over to eat! Fatigue I also had and there really wasn't anything I could do but try caffeine and sleep for 10-12 hours a night. Neither of them really worked, just had to wait it out. 🙁 Sorry, I know it wasn't the answer you were looking for but whatever happens you can always come here and be with people who get what it's like! Keep on keepin' on, DPM

      1. I always like sweets but early cut back as I did not want the sugar - I totally eliminated soda. That said when I was on chemo - my desire for sweets kicked back in. I could taste sweet things - so naturally I consumed more than I should have.

        By month 4 that desire slowed down some and after chemo ended - I was able to taste other things and gradually cut back on the sweets

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