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Stress and Blood Cancer

Do you find you have dealt with stress with cancer differently? I know odd question, but do you reflect on some situations that at the end of the day were/are not really worth the attention you may give life to? Or situations you thought were stress based but actually not so much?

  1. I'm not sure I understand the question. I will say things that used to stress me out don't stress me out as much or at all anymore. Cancer really puts things, especially the time that we have on this Earth into perspective. So I've learned to let a lot of smaller things go.

    1. It sounds like your outlook is doing you well 😀 Happy to hear that! Warm wishes, Katelynn (Team Member)

    2. Isn't it rather interesting how our outlook can change so swiftly? I hope you continue to learn and grow from this very life-altering experience; It can definitely bring most closer to their faith. Wishing you the very best!

  2. I definitely deal with stress differently. I just don't allow many things to affect me as they once did. I spend more time embracing life...even the tough moments. You learn and grow from them and keep it moving.

    1. I agree! You learn who needs to be in your space and who can go bye-bye. There's little room for negativity at this point.

  3. Blood cancer made me take seriously boundaries that keep me safe. My immune system isn't as powerful as someone else's and that is a factor in what I decide to do. It can be stressy when the expectations put on me exceed my comfort level.

    1. Yep, agree! We literally find ourselves being the protector, survivor, and fighter in every aspect of this experience. We learn to do things that make sense to our total well-being. Best!

  4. I have changed a friend to an acquaintance because I can't deal with the stress she causes. She acts angry if I tell her I don't feel up to an outing. She's one to call at the last minute and wants me to drop what I'm doing. As a younger and healthier woman, I could fix my makeup and hair, change my clothes, and be waiting on the porch when she pulled in the driveway. I can't be hurried like that these days. She doesn't seem to understand, and she told me she isn't interested in reading about my MDS. You can't lose a friend you never had.

    1. Sorry you can't express your feelings openly. It's a shame and not fair that those you think are most close to you, you need to put up a shield to make them feel comfortable. All I can say is that there are communities out here, especially this group that has open ears and virtual arms. Thank you for sharing. Best!

    2. Wow, your so right.. Honestly I've had to let go of a few people too..You CANT MISS what you NEVER had. And keeping our stress down is sooo important..and a TRUE friend would definitely be MORE SUPPORTIVE, and UNDERSTANDING ..Well put..Thk u kindly for sharing

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