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If Self Care Was A Treatment

How do you rate when incorporating self-care in your day-to-day with your disease?

What exactly is a nutshell taking the time to preserve and improve your well-being even with cancer. 1= poor 3=can do better 5=poor

This is so needed and as of recently more of an important talking point between doctors and their patients.

  1. If there is one thing that cancer has taught me is that my body is not some kind of machine that I can push to the limit. My body will fail me if I don't take care of it. The frustrating thing about living with cancer is that I have been given very little direction on how to help my body run at peak performance. Self care bridges the gap. Chemo keeps the disease in check. Self care keeps the body running smoothly. My oncologist has little advice in this regard so I've had to turn to a dermatologist, an immunologist, a surgeon, and a nutritionist. My self care could do better, but after a decade of leukemia I've learned my self care has to come first. Fight for it. It's worth it.

    1. so agree! 💯 🎯 I’m also a decade of fighting leukemia as well and self-care is gold to me 💛

    2. I so agree Maria, you have to fight for it. It's unfortunate you have a doctor that may be clueless on that end when self-care is in the mix, but where one slack we all hope others fall in line to direct. Cheers to doing better and acknowledging its importance.

  2. Often ignored when it comes to self care is ...How do we approach the many challenges blood cancer presents on a mental and emotional level.

    For many a focus of self care means addressing the physical challenges associated with blood cancer. Perhaps it is too easy to overlook the role and importance of self-reflection, self-awareness and meditation can play in our much needed self-care protocols.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more. Diligence is the name of this game, unfortunately.

    2. Totally agree!

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