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Second Opinions

Have you ever sought a second opinion about your diagnosis or treatment? What led you to make that decision, and how did it impact your healthcare journey?

  1. No

    1. did you feel confident in your healthcare team? I know many people have an initial gut feeling of trust. I hope that's the case for you.
      Angie (Team Member)

  2. Because you should always get a second opinion when they give you a devastating news. Also I felt great and did not believe them. Biopsy was horrible and painful but it showed 80% MM. I’m supposed to get another they will have to put me asleep

    1. Happy, you've sought other pairs of eyeballs on your
      diagnosis. Many people are scared and get stuck on reaching out further as it can be understandably daunting for some. This is good that your doctor has offered options so the next biopsy is less stressful and painful. Wishing you the very best!

  3. No they did not give me that option I told them I would not have another biopsy unless they knock me out lol

    1. I had to have three biopsies and they had to go in endoscopically. I remember, on the third time, the doc performing the procedure was even like, “what the hell are they doing in pathology???” She then said, “I ripped you up pretty good inside to make sure they had enough this time so there might be some blood.” Just what you want to hear from a doctor. Finally, pathology, after two more weeks, said they were 99% sure it was lymphoma. It was quite a ride, so I get it. Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

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