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Do you have a pet that has helped you through cancer?

I have a black cat named Isis (named after Catwoman's cat from the comic books) that would lay with me and purr while I was sick. He helped and continues to help lift my spirits so much. Anyone else have a furry caregiver?

  1. What a perrrrfect name for your cat! Someday I hope to find another furry companion. I agree, they lift our spirits so much.

    1. Thanks so much. Someday soon. Big hugs to you!

    2. Right back atcha!

  2. I have a dog named Maddie, a chocolate Labrador Retriever, and she has helped me a lot. She doesn't purr though! Glad your cat is helping you. Sometimes I lie on the floor with Maddie and the sound of her heart definitely calms me down.

    1. Aww I love labs they're so sweet. I would be a little concerned if I met a purring dog lol. I like to push my face into my cat's fur and just chill. He knows I need it and lets me. I'm glad your Maddie is with you! 😀

  3. Zoey has been instrumental in my recovery!
    Keith Guernsey

    1. Zoe looks so cool with her bandana! I'm glad she's been there for you! 😀

    2. She's gorgeous! This pic gave me all the good feels! Give her a big hug from me. Thanks for sharing

  4. I have 2 cats at the moment who I have had since they were 10 weeks old ( they are now 4 years old). I almost fostered them out while undergoing inpatient chemo but fortunately both my family & oncologist said for me to keep them at home. They have been a steady source of love & companionship every day. And my cancer is at bay...

    1. Great to hear you could continue that companionship during this time. Best!

    2. I'm so glad they've been able to be with you and I'm so thrilled to hear your cancer is at bay. That is always fantastic news!

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