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Mental Health Awareness Discussion

As you may have heard, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As people affected by blood cancer, we are constantly taking care of our bodies and it is important that we also take care of our minds. So let's talk about it!

  • -Do you set aside time to take care of your mental health?

  • -What has been helpful to you?

  • -Why is mental health awareness important to you?

  • -Never thought about it but want to learn more? What questions do you have?

  1. Anthony
    Thank You for posting this.
    I wish I had some good advice for others.
    But the fact is, I am trying to cope, every day with depression.
    It Sucks!
    Sometimes, I just do not know what to do.
    It seems, I am very sad all of the time.
    I do write, to myself in a journal, every day, and it does help, actually a lot ( kind of like a diary )
    My faith in God has gotten much stronger, in fact if I was not a Christian, with a strong belief in salvation?
    There were times, when I actually wanted to just end it all.
    But faith kept me fighting.
    This web site, and forum does help, so does the one on Facebook.
    I will be moving to live on my sons property, before the end of June, so I know being near him will help, although, I still fear that I will become a burden to him?
    I hope not?
    Once I have moved, I will be close to the Cancer Center, and hopefully, I will be able to start going to their support group meeting, if fatigue allows me to?
    I try to be as active as I am able too!
    I find that if I am able to do something, wash my car, build a birdhouse, whatever, it makes me feel much better?
    I guess the best thing that I actually am able to do for myself is my journal, I do look forward to writing down my thoughts, with the knowledge, that well after I am gone, perhaps my children will read it, and know how much I think about them.
    I would like to know what other people do??
    Sometimes, depression is so overwhelming, I can not function.
    I just can't seem to get a grip on it, at times?
    Depression, is much worse than all of the physical pain, that we cancer patients go through.
    Plus, I did adopt a senior cat, she is a good companion, and she helps me a lot.
    She actually wakes me up, multiple times every night, for some cuddles, and I actually enjoy it, I am not alone!
    I do like living alone, being OCD and all, but she has filled the gap, if you will.
    I do remain interested in knowing how others cope???
    So I will follow this post and see what others may have to say.

    1. Thank you so much for starting this discussion!

      I do my best to set aside time for my mental health through journaling and reflecting on what I'm holding onto internally. I am also going to be starting to go to therapy regularly again which I am VERY excited about.

      Mental health is so important to me because in order for our bodies to heal physically, we must have a balance with our mind as well. It's crucial to our healing from/of cancer to be able to access our minds and use them for the power of mindfulness in our healing.

      This topic used to be so incredibly taboo but I am so grateful to people and communities like this for opening the discussion and not staying silent!

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