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How To Support Someone Living With Blood Cancer

📣 Calling All Blood Cancer Warriors! 🦸‍♀️

Your experiences matter, and your voice deserves to be heard. Living with blood cancer can be a challenging journey, and we want to know how your loved ones can better support you. 🤗

💬 Share with us: What are some things you wish your family and friends would STOP doing or START doing to make your battle against blood cancer a bit easier? Whether it's a thoughtful gesture, a specific conversation, or just being there, your insights can help create a more supportive and understanding community.

  1. In hindsight, I wish families and friends hadn't pushed the diagnosis aside and tried to act as if nothing was wrong or downplayed the condition (CML). That made me, the patient, do the same thing for the first few years and that is only detrimental in the long run. It's better to talk about the elephant in the room.

    1. I totally feel the same way. Everyone in my life down plays it because I’m not in the hospital dieing.

    2. I have experienced this too. It can really hurt to not feel seen and heard. It has really helped to give me perspective about what others may be going through though. I hope you are doing well!

  2. There are days that I want and need to talk about it just a little bit. My family can’t handle the fact that I have cancer and are always worried. I’ve told them that’s it’s ok. I take it day by day and it’s ok to talk about it once in a while. It’s very hard on them but they aren’t realizing it can be hard on us as well. I agree it’s better to talk about the elephant in the room! Then on to other topics. I have s wonderful friend who is battling AML. We talk for hours on the phone. Thank God for her love and support. We lean on each other and are always there to support each other. It can be a lonely road though.

    1. I know so many have difficulty knowing how to approach this kind of conversation. I'm happy for you that you have a friend who gets it and you can support each other. We are here for you too!
      Angie (Team Member)

    2. I am glad you have someone to talk to.

  3. am so glad you have a good friend to talk with. Sounds very similar to my situation. A dear friend and I support each other. My family avoids the subject totally. Unfortunately... , this site is helpful also. Everyone understand and have a lot of advice.

    1. and , Ditto how good it is to talk to someone with the same disease . I didn't know anyone with leukemia when I got it. A friend with breast cancer was talking to me about how many support groups there are for her and others like her. She said she could understand why there was a lack of support groups for people with blood cancers . it's because you don't see leukemia patients as often. Or, she said to me, "Who gets leukemia?" I told her that somebody did! But I could relate in many ways to people who did not have a blood cancer diagnosis! Take care, Ronni ( team member)

  4. So glad to be a part of this group who understands!. It truly can be a very lonely disease. I’m glad you have a friend to talk to. It makes all the difference. The strange thing about it is that there is so much cancer in my family. Always someone being diagnosed. I’d think my family would want to support me but I think because if all the cancer in my family, when I got it it was devastating to my family. I think they’re scared and just can’t handle it unfortunately. My dad is a prostate cancer survivor but was just diagnosed with bladder cancer. My mom fought breast cancer last year. Last year alone 4 family members diagnosed with cancer ranging in age from 42-94. It’s been a tough year but I was there for them. I wish they were there for me

    1. It's understandable to wish those in your family going through a similar diagnosis would want to show support. It's admirable that you can be so understanding of them and of why they can't seem to do the same for you. Wishing the best for all of you!

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