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Housing Help

I've had to move numerous times since my diagnosis. I have been privileged to live with 2 different friends during my recent car T transplant and previous Stem Cell Transplant. It has been a very safe place during the covid years.

I really feel I'm at a place I need to be on my own and try to find some independence again.

I'm on disability so my income is very limited. Are there any organizations that help find and or establish housing in this situation that anyone is aware of?

  1. I believe if you call American cancer society they can provide some resources. I’ve used them for some resources.

      1. Hi @davidsmom! This is a situation more and more people are experiencing. Housing is more often seen as a commodity putting so many of us at risk. I've found a resource that might help: I can see that you have some wonderful support people in your life and I can understand the need to be as independent as you can be. I hope this resource is helpful. Our community is here for you. I hope you can let us know how this worked out for you with so many of us experiencing housing issues. Sending hugs. Sincerely.

        1. I agree if you can please let us know💗if any of the links help. We’re glad that you do have a supportive support system of people 🫂

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