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Ducks In A Row

Is it possible to thoroughly think through the do's and must's in gathering your personal business with cancer? Some of us need a minute even when blood cancer wasn't in question, to straighten our finances, insurance, job, and expenses, it can be a lot.

How have you adjusted? Or have you?

  1. We probably shouldn't have borrowed against the property to pay the bills back then. It was hard to tell what the right move was.
    I'm scared with our present situation that things will go south again.
    Kind of a kick in the crotch when we were paid off and looking at about 15 years to retire at one point.

    I missed at least $700,000 in wages since then. So our debt isn't terrible.
    But when you don't have a way to make income & just have a little pension and disability it's hard to figure what to do.

    1. ah ok. That make more Yeah, I've done my fair share of tin knocking and welding in my younger years. I worked for my dad for many years after high school. He owned his own sheet metal and welding shop for like 35 years or so, along with heating and air conditioning repairs. Shane. ( team member)

    2. Sometimes in life we have to make tough decisions, and sometimes when there are few resources the decisions at that time and space may seem fitting. I hope it works itself out. Wishing you the very best!

  2. I still miss some stuff here and there, even if I put it in my phone. Sometimes the fatigue and brain fog just do a thing and there's no getting around it! Keep on keepin' on ,DPM

    1. In todays crazy housing market I might be inclined to clean up the surface clutter as much as possible and then look around for buyers looking for a bargain - you may be surprised. Just putting things in a moving pod on the property may offer you some visual relief ...Dennis( TEAM)

      1. You do what you gotta do. Best!

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