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What do you know now?

Is there something you know now that you wished you knew back when you were first diagnosed?

  1. I wish I had known that all of the emotional/mental struggles that came with having cancer were completely normal and justified.

    1. I agree! I feel the same way. We are constantly learning on this journey that's for sure! ~Leya - Team Member~

    2. agreed!

  2. Agree. I also would have stopped trying to "defend" my condition (leukemia) and trying to prove how serious it is to people who don't understand and think it is no big deal. Learned a few years ago it is not worth the effort and to focus on living day to day with it.

    1. Yes, 100%.

    2. It is amazing how people dismiss medical conditions with observations like don't look like you have cancer .

  3. I wish I had known all the physical and emotional side effects of chemotherapy, and how hard taking pain killers would be on my body. I definitely wish I had known to find support with other survivors from the beginning.

    ~Leya - Team Member~

    1. I wish I had known the many unknowns I was about to face. What does it really mean not to be able to taste food for months on end? ... OR ... What happens when you have fingers that are so numb from chemo you can not fasten a button on a shirt? ...OR ... How can it look at myself into a mirror and know that some day I will look normal again? OR ... The list goes on and on.
      We all react differently to treatment travel different paths.

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