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Emotional Toolkit

What tools do you use when you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated with friends or loved ones, down in the dumps, or anxious? Share below and help others build their emotional toolkit!

  1. I have found that taking a walk in nature (park, hiking trail, beach etc) is the best cure especially if you take the time to take it all in.

    After that a set of head phones, closed eyes a quiet room and the sounds of nature can be pretty effective as well.

    ... Dennis( Team)

    1. I like to make a "nest" if you will, with my favorite pillows/blankets and turn on my favorite tv shows/movies to keep my mind occupied. I let myself indulge on junk food and sometimes I enjoy having a friend or two over to enjoy it with me. Sometimes I also like to take myself back to the 90's when I was a kid without a care in the world. I'll turn on old Nickelodeon cartoons, eat some candy or cereal I used to eat when I was a kid and just bask in that nostalgic feeling for a little bit.

      1. It is strange how our tastes change and desires for different foods - Cheese Puffs the new food of "the gods" Enjoy

      2. Haha I will thank you!

    2. taking a walk, doing yoga, talking with my therapist, anti depressants & support from family and friends

      1. Sometimes I go "underground," and immerse myself in music or something I enjoy even if it is a cup of coffee and try to think and get some peace.

        1. My wife and I often able to attend (up close) practice sessions with the local symphony An amazing and fun experience to be sitting so close and to see the intensity of their passion for music

        2. It sure can be intense. Sometimes I think the music is beyond me so it is a challenge and then a "triumph," when the band masters it.

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