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Blood Cancer Playlist

Music is a great source of comfort for those impacted by blood cancer. Share the songs that got you through below for the ultimate blood cancer playlist.

  1. Rather than specific songs - and depending upon mood focused on artists - some days I would get lost in Vangellis and Chariots of Fire or perhaps The Opera Sauvage. If I need a real pick up it was a round of rousing Irish Drinking Songs sung by the Clancy Brothers - All are serious mood changes - Heck I have also enjoyed Bagpipes = proof positive I am a bit crazy when it comes to music so ... why not have some fun ....Dennis( TEAM)

    1. ooooo!!!! I have a lot. I will Definitely write my favorites down . I’m going to put a list together and come back to this discussion. I want To make your this list is a great one ☝🏾

      1. Okay 💞Here’s the list‼️
        William McDowell- Withholding nothing
        William McDowell-Are you Ready
        William McDowell-I give myself away
        William McDowell- Send the rain
        Donnie McClurkin-Stand
        Donnie McClurkin-We fall down
        Fred Hammond- No weapon
        Fred Hammond-We’re Blessed
        Fred Hammond-Glory to Glory to Glory
        Fred Hammond- This is the day
        Jekalyn Carr- Greater is coming
        Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago- War (Live)
        Kierra Sheard- You Are (Live) feat. BRL
        Kierra Sheard-Indecribable (Live) feat. BRL
        Isaac Carree-In the Middle
        India.Arie-I am not my hair
        Yolanda Adams- in the mist of it all
        Yolanda Adams- Through the storm
        Jonathan Nelson- Healed
        Holy Spirit-Francesca Battistelli
        Patrick Dopson-Keep me
        Patrick Dopson-Open the heavens
        Marvin Sapp-You are God Alone
        Marvin Sapp-Never would have made it
        Kirk Franklin-Silver and Gold (Live)
        Smokie Norful-I need you now
        Smokie Norful- Um Good
        Martha Munizzi-say the name
        Martha Munizzi-Dance

        1. Wow! That is quite a list. I didn't have a particular song, but when one came on I would listen and take it's meaning with me. Thanks for sharing such a long list of songs. Ann ( Team Member)

        2. Awesome list of songs! Thank you for sharing!

      2. I have a couple but I'll say Bill Withers "Sunny Day" before my time but gets the point across in a big way.

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