Caregiver Tips (Part 4)

Last updated: September 2021

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Caring for someone you love can take a toll. It can be a demanding job that takes up your time and weighs heavy on your mind. You are doing everything you can to help the person you love get through this difficult time, but who is taking care of you? You also need to keep your strength up and you may need help. Part 4 of Caregiver Tips is all about taking care of yourself. It is a must because you need to be there for your loved one as your best self. Read over the tips below and be sure to put them to good use. Everyone needs help sometimes.

Take time for you

So often we get wrapped up in caring for our loved one, our own health goes by the wayside. We all need to take time for ourselves. Make sure you do that. You can’t be your best for someone else if you are not at your best for you. Go for a walk, take time to enjoy a show, read the next chapter in your book, or just take time to rest. You need it and your loved one may like a little alone time too.

Take help if it’s offered

Friends and family may offer to help. Don’t be a hero - take it. None of us can do it alone, nor should we have to. Don’t feel like you're taking advantage. People want to help and will be grateful you gave them the chance to show they care.

Keep your schedule organized

If you have been planning on organizing your schedule, now is the time. You not only have your responsibilities to keep track of, but you also have your loved ones. It may take a lot of time and effort to pull this off. The best thing you can do is buy yourself a nice big planner and some highlighters. You can highlight your appointments in one color, and your loved one’s in another. Sticky notes and alarms on your phone may also help you. Find what works best and keep up on it.

Practice stress relief

This is a stressful time for everyone, you too. You have to think about your health, physical as well as mental. Find time to take a daily walk, meditate, pray, or whatever usually works for you. Writing in a journal may also be helpful and it will give you a record of events if you ever need it. Being your best self is always important, but it is especially true now. Keep up on your needs and you will be better able to help take care of someone else.

Don’t lose track of your friends

Caring for someone else will keep you busy and will keep your plate full. Even though you may have limited time, let your friends know they aren’t forgotten. Life will go back to normal and you will want to get out again. Give your friends a call when you can or just send a text. It will mean a lot and you will be able to keep up on all the latest events and gossip.

You are doing a wonderful thing by helping someone else get through a difficult time. Pamper them, but pamper yourself too. Go out together when possible and make whatever is going on fun when you can. There will be stressful times, but it doesn’t have to be just stress. Enjoy your time together when you can and also give each other space. Your loved one will need a lot of attention, but don’t forget about you.

Wishing you health & happiness.

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