Video Blogging My Cancer Journey

Severe shoulder pain, with other symptoms following, introduced me to my first battle with ALL leukemia with +PH chromosome in 2010. I wish I had thought to video blog some of my journey the first time.

Choosing joy and capturing it on video

For the most part, I did a lot of journaling while I was doing intensive chemotherapy and finishing up my bachelor's degree at the University of Central Florida. At the time I was 21 years old, a very active track and field athlete, and I was thriving!

My battle definitely never stopped my determination to live and choose joy! After completing my treatment and graduating from college at the same time, I walked across that stage bald head and everything - lol! I went on to start my master's degree, got back in shape, and started working part-time again.

My symptoms returned

Unfortunately, I started experiencing symptoms again after a day of track practice. I recognized them as similar to the ones I had initially had in my first cancer diagnosis. Then came an ER trip, a few doctor's appointments, with clean lab blood work (that's right, I said clean labs with no evidence of blast just YET). :(

And no one believed me that something was wrong EXCEPT for one person: An PA nurse who took care of me previously.

I asked her for a bone marrow biopsy and a spinal tap. As I did the procedures, I came with my worship and let it go before me. #BUTGOD

The next day I received my results. I had relapsed. I told my family. I had a talk with God, and call me CRAZY, but I continue to give praise and worship to God because I know the God I serve, HE did NOT bring me this far to leave me, and HE DOES NOT LIE. Therefore if HE healed me before and HE CAN DO IT AGAIN!

I never claimed I was sick; it was just a bump in the road. I spoke and saw myself well, before I saw myself well. I received and claimed my healing.

Then I began doing chemotherapy all over again to get back into remission, kicking people out of my space who came crying over or sad for me because of my situation again. I was keeping my eyes on God, and was prepping for a bone marrow transplant.

Taking my blood cancer journey to video

Thank God! I was encouraged by a truly dear friend named Sese to start video blogging about my journey.

So I began in 2015, at 25 years old, to take my journey to video blogging.

Panda <3 Β 

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