From Your Valentine!

Last updated: February 2022

Happy Valentine's Day!!! If you're new here or even if you have seen my face before, Hello! I am Amanda Panda! I love pandas! And today is Valentine's Day! I am just here to spread love and hugs. I know some people love this day, others do not, and some don't care either way. Which is totally fine, I have been in all three categories.

I am very festive and over time, I have changed my outlook on Valentine's Day. I'm always showing love every day, no matter if it's a specific love day. Today you (YES! YOU!) have a Valentine, It's me! BIG HUGS! So I am either going to be a valentine for you or a bonus valentine for those who already have a valentine. I'm your valentine and so I am wishing you all an overwhelming amazing, restful, and relaxing day! I hope I was able to make you smile.

Signing out with Love,

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